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Emotional Baggage Handling

About the Practitioner

Katie Chiaravolloti

Emotional Baggage Handler

Energy Weaver

Certified Reflexologist

Reiki Practitioner

Certified Firewalk Instructor

Graduate of Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies

Graduate of Priestess Path Apprenticeship:  A Women's Mystery School

Graduate of Shamanic Pathways Apprenticeship

Completed Basic Facilitator Training for Shadow Work™

Participated in Singing Over the Bones (2016, 2017, 2018,2019)

Participated in Heart of the Wounded Healer: Walking in Two Worlds As A Way of Life (2018, 2019)




Katie studied Reflexology at Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies having completed one hundred and twenty-six (126) hours of study.  She holds a BA from the University of South Carolina, majoring in English Literature with a cognate in Psychology.  Katie is a graduate of Priestess Path Apprenticeship:  A Women's Mystery School and studied Shamanic Practices under Ann Sousa, initiated elder of the Dagara Tradition. She completed an intense weekend initiation at Women In Power, where she better learned to face her inner predator and harness her leadership skills. Katie completed her Basic Facilitator Training for Shadow Work™ and is on a path toward becoming a certified coach of Shadow Work™.  Katie has studied with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés for three years at her in-person, five-day facilitator educational trainings titled Singing Over the Bones, and one year at her in-person, five-day trainings Heart of the Wounded Healer and Art As A Sacred Act. 

Katie co-creates a monthly Sacred Women's Circle called the Red Tent Temple of South Jersey. Women are remembering how to gather, sit in circle, honor one another, witness and be witnessed.  All women and those identifying as female are welcome.  For more information, check out the Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/225812191338947/ (Red Tent Temple of South Jersey).

To learn more about Priestess Path, please visit Alisa Starkweather's site at http://www.alisastarkweather.com/ and to learn more about Ann Sousa and Shamanic Healing check out http://www.shamanicpathwayshealingcenter.com/.  Information about Shadow Work™, which has been a catalyst for much healing, can be found at http://shadowwork.com/.  Learn more Women In Power: Initiating Ourselves to the Predator Within at http://womeninpowerprogram.com/.  Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés work and events can be found here http://www.clarissapinkolaestes.com/


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