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Emotional Baggage Handling

Services and Rates

Gift yourself with reflexology, reiki, energy work, and/or one on one goal setting; align and allow your body to do the healing it desires. My time and costs are the same, whether a client talks, receives hands on healing, coaching, goal setting, or energetic healing.  My initial is $120 for about 1.5 to 2 hours of time (that depends on client need and how time moves).  You can expect to discuss any current or past healthy issues, things you hold, what you are looking to shift.  Each appointment thereafter begins at $80 for 45 minutes to 1 hour.  If a client desires a session to be longer than 1 hour, it is then $30 an hour.  So after the initial if we spend 2 hours together, the fee would be $110 ($80 for the first hour, $30 for the next).  If it is only in someone's budget to work for one hour or they find that one hour slots work better, we work with what we have.  I also work from a no blame/no shame, no one held hostage paradigm.  It is up to the client to do the work, to show up, to give their yes.

Energy Work$80-100 / 60 minutes
One on one coaching & goal setting$80 / 60 minutes
Pre and Post-Natal Reflexology$185 / 90 minutes
Reflexology$110 / 90 minutes
Reflexology$80 / 60 minutes
Reiki$80 / 60 minutes
Stress Relief$50 / 30 minutes
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