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Emotional Baggage Handler

Services and Rates

Gift yourself with reflexology, energy work, and/or one on one goal setting; align and allow your body to do the healing it desires. My time and costs are the same, whether a client talks, receives hands on healing, coaching, goal setting, or energetic healing.  


"The Shadow Types system identifies 12 innate tendencies that we all have. Our personality results from which of these tendencies we favor and which ones we avoid. The Shadow Types survey gives you a profile of your own, unique combination of these tendencies as well as your dominant Shadow Type." For more information click here .

Energy Work$95 / 60 minutes
Initial Session$150-$200 / 120 minutes
One on One Coaching & Goal Setting$95 / 60 minutes
Pre and Post-Natal Reflexology$185 / 90 minutes
Reflexology$125 / 90 minutes
Reflexology$95 / 60 minutes
Shadow Types Survey Session$95 / 75 minutes
Stress Relief$55 / 30 minutes
Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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