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Dream Talk

Join me for a two-hour workshop where we connect with our dream maker.  We will look at how our dreams are intertwined with our subconscious, and how they can lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves.  Our dreams provide us with information regarding our inner landscape.  When we learn to uncover the messages, information, and wisdom from our dreaming selves, we can create a path forward that is in alignment with our higher knowing. Dreams can help us to see into the places and spaces that are desiring healing, as well as, gift us knowledge for how to move forward in our lives. Please come with a journal, favorite pen, and any dreams you would like to better understand.

If you are someone who says, "I don't remember my dreams", this workshop is for you, too! I will teach you techniques to connect with and make space for your dreaming self.  We will also touch on "nightmares" and reoccurring dreams.

This is an interactive workshop where your voice and input create the container for learning and growth. 

The investment for this two-hour workshop is $85.



Exploring Our Shadows

Together we will co-create a ritual container to dive in and examine the shadow self.  Based on the Four Quarter Model of Shadow Work®, we will learn characteristics of the Sovereign, Lover, Warrior, and Magician archetypes to better understand how we embody them, and how they show up in our daily lives and choices.  Each person is a beautiful blend of light and shadow.  So often our shadow self is hidden from our conscious mind and will sneak out or leak out when we least expect it.  When we gift ourselves the opportunity to know the shadow aspects of self,  we create space to shift our patterns and make choices that serve our higher purpose.  We will take a peek into the energies, messages, and connections between the Sovereign, Lover, Warrior, and Magician archetypes.  

The investment for this two and one-half hour workshop is $145.

With a group of four or more, Dream Talk or Exploring Our Shadows can be held at your location for an additional investment. 

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