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"When you go to see Katie you get an experience like to other. She flows with you and adjusts to what you need. She offers the ability to see what it is you are trying to express and what it is that will help you - from insightful questions .. To energy work... And working with your body with her amazing reflexology practice. It's always and experience when I go there and each time I leave more refreshed and with some clarity. Highly highly recommend!"~ Kerry

"The best reflexology with self-care and talk therapy that can only come from this magical women. It's a honor to get refreshed and reset by Katie."~ S.D.

"Coming to Kate for reflexology is a revelation. She is able to meld technique with an elemental and extraordinary understanding of what drives us and what can block us. I always leave her feeling lighter and with some degree of clarity about myself and the world at large. Kate helps to illuminate the dark corners of ourselves that we are unable or unwilling to see with love, respect, and acceptance of those shadowy realms. This is much more than a foot massage. Kate is healing the world one foot at a time." -Kim C.

"I go to Katie totally frazzled and she helps me relax, reset, and find my calm. That feeling of peace lasts long after I leave."~ J.M.

"When I first started going to Katie for reflexology I was just expecting to get a great foot rub. Well, I got a lot more than I bargained for! Not only were my feet feeling better than they had in quite awhile, but as I continued to go to Katie I began to recognize other benefits that resulted from our sessions. Whenever I had pain, a cold, migraine, or even menstrual cramps, Katie would work intensely on the areas of my feet, hands, or ears that correlated with what I was feeling and relief from those ailments soon began!

Throughout our sessions, Katie has taught me to reach deep inside myself in order to unlock my own innate healing powers, which has empowered me to work on other areas of my life. The more focused and involved I became in our sessions, the more benefits I received. I found myself having more clarity in many different aspects of my daily life, and decision making became easier.

Three years after my first session with Katie, I have taken charge of my health and the foot pain I had when I first began with her no longer exists; I have lost over 100 lbs, I don't get sick as often as I had been, and I have a plan for my future that I am working towards – all of this is the result of the BEST FOOT RUB EVER! Thank you Katie!!!" ~Dawn R.


"Katie is absolutely amazing! I left feeling 100 X lighter and totally relaxed." ~L.F.

"I have known Katie for a number of years. I've had the absolute pleasure of experiencing her work on a regular basis for the last year. I even have family members that utilize her services regularly. She is the most amazing person! She is real, down to earth, and understanding. If there's one thing you do for yourself, give yourself the gift of rejuvenation. You can't help others if you don't take care of you! Katie is the best and she's changed my life for the better."~J.L.

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